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Take A Moment To Notice
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7th-Jul-2010 01:48 pm - Dragonfly and Cool Cloud pic
 << ---  Adult and juvenile. Taken near Chicago. (this was supposed to go at the end, but LJ had other ideas)

Dragonfly and Cool Sun under cut!Collapse )
22nd-Jun-2010 10:38 pm - Baby Raccoons!

As @starwatcher had her good timing with a butterfly, I had a similar experience with raccoon kits in a tree.  Heard a noise, looked up, and 5 fuzzies were looking right back at me.  They were in a mullberry tree no doubt feasting!


OMG so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

22nd-Jun-2010 07:05 pm - Butterfly pictures
Windmill # 5

This morning, when I took the trash bin down to the road, I noticed the big mesquite that grows beside the path the mailman drives as he delivers my mail. Most of it is taller than a car, but one lower, sticking-out branch was growing to a point it might scratch the sides of the car on the way past. (Mesquite has wicked thorns, some an inch long.) So, I trudged back to the house to get my tree-loppers, went back and whacked off that branch and added it to the trash.

As I turned to go back to the house, I noticed... Whoa! A thistle in bloom. Thistle! For the 'th' group in my alphabet picture cards!

So I trudged back to the house, grabbed my camera, and headed back to the road. I have a line of evergreen trees planted beside the road, a windbreak and privacy screen; the thistle was on the other sides of the trees, between the trees and the road. As I walked around the trees, and zeroed in on the thistle... EEEEE! A butterfly sitting there, drinking nectar, flapping its wings as the thistle swayed in the wind.

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8th-Jun-2010 05:00 am - Flowers and Chi-town


May 2010 Trip to Chicago Botanic Gardens. 

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23rd-Apr-2010 08:30 pm - New Mexico wildlife
Windmill # 5
Sorry I've been absent so long; school this year dumped lots of extra weekend lesson-prep on me. But I just had to take time to share these pics.

Today was very windy - about 35 mph sustained, with gusts up to 47 mph (according to the weathercaster on the evening news). The students couldn't even go onto the playground during lunch recess; the winds were just too fierce.

On the way home, I saw what looked like a ball of feathers on top of a wooden fencepost. As I drove past, I had an impression of a large bird huddled against the wind, clutching hold of the post for all it was worth. I shrugged and passed by... but I couldn't resist. Drove about half a mile down the road to where I could turn around out of his view, drove back past him and turned around again. I used my window-washer, then eased forward to a 'safe' distance and took several pictures through the windshield. (Thank goodness for 15x zoom.) When I drove a little closer, trying to get even closer-ups, friend hawk said, "Enough!" and took off. I was close enough to see, although not fast enough to catch a picture. He didn't even have to 'spring' upward from the post; all he had to do was open his wings and the wind picked him up.

But I had time to get three good pictures before he left.Collapse )
1st-Dec-2009 11:08 am - November 29, 2009
red heart
The day was unusually warm and sunny and people were out and about.

Last August I posted pictures of Darkstar Park in Rosslyn. I walked past it on Sunday and was struck by the girl reading on the berm and enjoying the day.

Monday was miserable but today is nice. I'll see if I can get some last leaf pictures
20th-Oct-2009 11:01 am - Some Fall stuff...

Definitely click on them to see the bigger size. They aren't meant to be viewed so tiny!

Fall inside...Collapse )

13th-Oct-2009 11:33 am - Franciscan Monastery in Northeast DC
red heart
I spent an afternoon walking around the Franciscan Monastery in Northeast DC. It's famous for its gardens and grounds, particularly the replicas of shrines in the Holy Lands. I had wonderful weather for my walk. The roses were on their last blooms but the air still smelled wonderful.

You can see the rest of the photos at my journal
12th-Oct-2009 09:31 am - Street art
red heart
In various locations in DC are the last remainders of police/emergency call boxes. They are smaill, metal, and the District never cared enough to take them down. An arts group decided to use them as blank canvases. I never really know where one will pop up, but they add a whimsical touch to the street scene.

Here's one I spotted for the first time day before yesterday:

9th-Oct-2009 03:22 pm - Moon Crash!
My laptop is still broken...well, the internet part of it is, so I've been not posting as  much as I would like.  

Anyway, today I woke my ass up at 4.30am and traveled down the road to the Chicago Adler Planetarium to see LCROSS to see it crash into the moon.  It wasn't going to be a big visible crash (which is why some were disappointed), but it was still really fun. EVEN though my one friend got sick and couldn't come and my other friend canceled last minute (literally).

Here are some CAMERA PHONE quality photos from inside the planetarium and the pretty (but rainy) view of the city afterwards.  I wish I would have brought my real camera!!

^  On the right, a live shot of the moon from the shepherding spacecraft (before impact)
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